I tried it, but was never sure that I hit the correct degree of “done-ness” because you only included your “frozen dish” test.). Hello Petra! Also can this same recipe be used for any type of fruit? Looks just like my counter when I make jam – lots of different size and shaped jars, fun colored tops. I would just like to mention the very sad fact that the liquor stores in the entire state of Pennsylvania are no longer carrying kirsch. I can almost taste the tart fruit as I sip my morning coffee. We enjoyed a stay in the French countryside one summer & loved our understated breakfasts. 2 quarts crushed, peeled apricots 2. I don’t recommend using less sugar, since it may not jell correctly. 1/4 cup lemon juice But the recipe does not say 3/4 cup of sugar: it says 3/4’s sugar to 1 part fruit puree. Diane, Oh dear! It is not the same in any way to anything I have ever eaten. It’s still my favorite. You can find different techniques for this in the notes.To be on … I served it with a simple almond cake that I make for breakfast and with some unsweetened whipped cream. You should always use thick cookware to avoid burning. Thank you David. should i have used the puree to 3/4 c. sugar formula? Contact Information When you register, you are asked to provide correct contact information, which may include your name, email address, phone number, and other types of information. Peel them, then break into 2 and add to the fruit. Borrowing from Patricia Wells’ class in Provence many years ago, I roasted the pits, cracked them open and removed the soft kernels in the middle, roasted them and added three kernels to each jar of jam to deepen the flavor. I was told they turn brown over time and take away from the nice colour of the jam, looking like brown specs in the orangy gelee. They’re buying a new freezer next week to hold a bumper crop of everything. The second one is to make the filling. Would not bother with any other recipe. I just made a pile of apricot jam (and am getting ready to make some more from the last of the apricots). The jam looks perfect! She receives your emails too but may not have seen this one yet (she was processing plum tomatoes the last time I saw her). Just something small, “2. The third thing I notice when cooking with honey is that it can leave a “dirty” taste. Reduce to a medium … Juice of 1 lemon Miche is Edith’s aunt and she lives about five minutes away from us in Louviers. And this will be the best addition to that plain piece of baguette that meets my tummy first thing in the AM. And I’m about to pull some frozen apricots out and turn them into jam, to extend my “jam season”! I looked at apricots at the store this past weekend and they were $3.99/ pound. I would love to try some other fruits. If not, I’ll have to file this away & try to remember to do it next year ….. Ah, David the planets are aligned. I love jams and canning. Thanks so much for this recipe, David – keeping it for next time! Susan Loomis could rule the world. Subscribe and receive David's free guide to the best pastry shops in Paris, I should note that I like my jam on the tart side. All I want is a piece of bread and some delicious coffee. Plus it is far less work than any recipe I have found. With food-of-the-gods like this that also nourishes my body well, there isn’t much need to pine for the lost pleasure of bread & jam. Next week corn. definitely one of my favourites.. My other unofficial survey has shown that the French prefer single-flavored jams, rather than mixed with all sorts of ingredients and spices, so I resist adding other fruits or berries to it. I stumbled onto this site after seeing our apricot tree loaded with fruit and while wondering what to do with it, looked up Apricot Jam. Add the sugar to the apricots and cook, uncovered, skimming off any foam that rises to the surface. I’m especially in love with the vanilla bean paste idea! Bonne Année d’Australie (en plein été!) Thankfully, fresh apricots are plentiful and inexpensive in the summer. I leave my jams in the pantry (along with home made chutneys), and although I used to put them in the refridgerator once open, some of them had the sugar start to crystalise, so they now stay in the pantry after opening. I rarely buy jam since it’s something I like making so much. Transfer the fruit and sugar to a large, heavy saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. I think it works! Love the colours. One plate for the toast, a little plate for your eggs, a plate to put your jam on, a plate for your “main course”. Can’t you write about concrete, bits of steel, road kill or fungus on a dying tomato plant? Joolian: It might be the Australians of English background…. I hadn’t ever considered it with apricots. Preheat the oven to 140°C/gas 1, then sterilise and warm 2 jam jars in the oven. I have never tried making jam before, but this post made me quite nostalgic for the mango jam my mother used to make every summer in India. You got me started on the Kirsch thing. Ann-Maree- you CAN make it as good as your mother did! Will have to freeze some and have not done it before. I think he’s right to some extent, but if used subtly, a dash of vanilla adds a nice background note. If you wish to can it for long-term preservation, you can refer to the USDA Canning Guidelines for techniques. I made the jam this weekend and it was FANTASTIC. I’m going to try this trick next ‘cot season with those stones too. Hi David, great post once again. And gorgeous! Charlotte – you can freeze the jam – even in the proper canning glass jar, just be sure not to overfill. Yum! I haven’t had apricot jam in AGES but will def try it after this! There is a Swiss brand that is pretty good and that will have to do since apricots are not plentiful or all that great where I live. Drinking French Bar Boxes from Slope Cellars and K & L Wine Merchants. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018846-stone-fruit-jam Thanks David and keep up the great photos and recipes. Pure apricot heaven. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Next summer, if I get any apricots from my tree (fingers crossed) I am going to try your recipe too, it sounds beautiful and with only 1/2 cup of sugar sounds similar in its intensity. Once done, stir in the lemon juice and kirsch, if using, and ladle the jam into clean jars. Tea 7% When I moved in with a French roommate in college, she experienced a mild culture shock: “You eat salty things for breakfast? I love a good apricot jam and this would be perfect for a tart too. They need have just enought tartness to cause a mild, inner cheek tingle. It was heaven. I believe the secret of jam is not to make too much at once – no more than 1kg fruit, and maybe even half of that. Seal according to the jar manufacturer's instructions. Jam, honey 22% You may know about Maggie Beer, a cook from South Australia, this is her recipe for apricot jam (no water) which I make every year: I honor those who can rely on your “frozen dish” test, but I, for one, do not have the confidence to rely on it. Put back in the freezer for a few minutes, then do the nudge test: If the jam mounds and wrinkles (as shown in the photo), it’s done. It saves very well for months. Susie – I know Patricia’s jam must be fabulous; Miche (and I) love the pure flavor of the apricots, so sweet and just slightly tangy. Yes, huevos rancheros and Belgian waffles are delightful. I guess we don’t like our food to touch around here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It should go well with some cooked turkey or chicken. and reminds me of the only confiture my french grandma would make. Get recipes and blog posts sent right to your Inbox! Delicious, thank you! Breakfast places here also like to do that, give you a different plate for each item. She also wanted to point out the bird on the steeple outside her window and remind a visitor to wait until four o’clock to hear its song,  and she always wanted to know just exactly how the air felt outside. Thanks David, I love your blog, and also your tips about apartments in Paris, I am going to try to rent one of them later this year, and then try your places to manger recommendations! Cut the apricots in half and extract the pits. My corner bakery opens at 5 am – no one would touch a day-old Kaisersemmel (Emperor’s roll) after all. It sure is an awful lot though. David, Is it best to use a thick and heavy 8 quart stockpot to make this jam? The lack of oxygen causes it to seal (and doesnt allow spoilage). The jam is gorgeous too. Storage: I find this jam will keep up to one year if refrigerated. The French are excellent at making jam that is not too set and not too sweet. Oh my goodness. I love apricots but most of the store bought jams are too sugary. Which goes to show the more room you have for storage, the more you have to store. Bring a small pan of water to the boil and blanch the kernels. Christina: Romain flips if I add things to jam, like vanilla, (or even if I mix two fruits, like plum and raspberry) saying that it detracts from the taste of the fruit. Your apricot jam looks lovely. You can see it here. Fill so there is still a small gap to the top, put the lid on and turn upside down. Hello, Sara – lucky you! Put a couple of small plates in the freezer. If you seal the jars, they will keep for…a very long time (years). American breakfasts can definitely go way past decadent to crazy coranary destruction. Eggs 2% The result is delicious and surprising! Have you ever tried freezing your jam (not in jars, obviously)? there was an apricot crumb cake made on butter shortbread that I had at a farmers’ market a while back, and that taste of the apricot has me jonzing for it and the recipe. Thank you THANK YOU for including the target temperature in for those who want to cook this lovely dish, but want to use a candy thermometer. Luckily I live just a few hours north of Williams CA. Yours looks beautiful. 800g sugar. This recipe produced a glorious bright orange jam. For me it’s almost more exciting to make the actual jam (or confiture in your case) than to eat it, but my biggest joy is seeing my family waffle it down on toast in the morning knowing that what they are eating is exactly what they see – fresh fruit. I tried 4 different recipes. I’ve looked for Damson plum jam recipes, and the fruit to sugar ratios vary wildly. The best apricot jam ever! At the same time, a 1/2 case of coveted, rare Blenheim apricots were reaching their peak on my kitchen counter. Don’t buy a ticket home just for ephemeral hash browns…you’re on the winning team over there. Although I have an orchard in the Mayenne I do not have apricots but I get the best Rousillon apricots in season and my recipe is pretty close to your friend Miche I leave out the kernels but do add vanilla from a pod to some jars Jennifer. I will never make jam any other way. Place the apricots in a large, wide saucepan* and add the lemon juice and water. It includes all or most of the following…fried eggs/ fried pork sausage /bacon rashers/ blood sauage/ baked beans/ fried tomatoes & mushrooms/ toast with butter and jam… And to wash it down with a pint or two! I had a superb collection of jam jars similar to yours…and my once-a-week cleaner threw them all away last year. Tarmac, TX, I love apricot jam. Lessons – and Cool Things – from California, https://onruetatin.com/miches-apricot-jam/, Blog|Book|Featured|Life in France|press|Recipes, Blog|Book|Featured|Life in France|Recipes. I’m going to use your recipe and ad lib the gingerbread spices based on another recipe. Would it be a disastrous idea to substitute honey for the white sugar? Cook 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally. Information obtained from visitors will only be used for internal purposes. thank you for writing, and for loving my kitchen! I was sitting here with a bag of very ripe pricots, and low and behold, today’s post. 1/4 cup (60ml) water. Your apricot jam looks stunning! We are about 7000 ft above sea level. the best is just before they are too ripe so they are slightly acidic. When I was last in Paris we ate breakfast at a place where all they served was an amazing variety of breads and on the table was a great spread of toppings that could be applied. We are definitely on the outskirts of apricot season in No Cal, and I don’t recall seeing them last week. My mother and I make lots of raspberry jam, and I bought some cheap strawberries and made strawberry jam, too, this summer. I have noticed that since I’ve stopped eating sugar and exercise daily that I don’t get sick as much. And yes, the skins disappear and are important for the flavor, too. Beautiful. First time and as I am new at this, I’d like to know if it’s possible to make a large quantity, perhaps the equivalent of 12 jars. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get some tomorrow at the Tuesday lunchtime farmer’s mkt at the Ferry Bldg in SF. And, can other fruits such as peaches, pineapple and mango be made according to this French recipe? Ugh, you’ve just reminded me how completely gross we (Americans) can be with our excessive amounts of food consumed first thing in the morning. I have 2 reasons for considering this: 1) I am a beekeeper so I have a lot of honey; 2) It would be good to avoid using ultra-refined sugar. I have never been to France, but once I was in Ireland and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and the breakfast they served me was very tiny plain scones with different flavors of jam. Hi David! Updating Your Information Registered users may update their information on file with On Rue Tatin by contacting us. I’m definitely going to have to try that! David, I have a tree full of Damson plums in my backyard, and want to make jam with them. Et voilà! Sometimes I amazed when I go out to breakfast here (in Oklahoma) and I order something that sounds like it will be simple like a “granola sundae” and they bring out 3 plates of food just for me. I’m sorry – the recipe should be on the blog. I make her Apricot Jam every year and it disappears so quickly. Oh, those days, I wish I could go back and enjoy them again! The breakfast may have included other things too, but all I remember about it were the scones and the coffee. Hot chocolate 6% Spoon apricot mixture into a large saucepan; bring to a boil … have you tried it? MMM, apricots. (and good Breton butter of course) Then again, pancakes are nice too! My traditional marmalade and apricot & raspberry jams have done well without refrigeration. or perhaps you meant 2 cups sugar? Meat, charcuterie 5% It left a big impression :-). Bring to the boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally with a long-handled wooden spoon*. I envy those who live in countries where there is a bounty of things like apricots, peaches, etc. Just one question: do you leave the apricot skin on or peel it off? I am wondering how that would work for preservation. A Provence Summer Preserve ~ French Set Apricot and Lavender … Milk 50% This is the best jam that ever was, has been, will be. Chicken legs with apricot jam and french dressing recipe. If you register in error, please contact us to have your record from our database. Have a merry apricot Christmas and I’m so glad you love this. But I’ll probably enjoy the fruit fresh out of hand, cooked with meats like pork or chicken, or in GF clafoutis or cobblers. Ladle the hot jam into the hot jars, filling to ¼” … Put the mixture in a pan and bring to the boil on a high heat. The skins are where the tartness is and apricots should be used when very soft and ripe. I just made this recipe and it is spectacular!! I did end up putting the hot jam through a food mill because I like my jams smooth; woke up this morning to perfect, delicious French-tasting jam. Once made in jars, how long will it keep for? This jam would certainly fit the bill. If you wish, crack a few open and put a kernel in each jam jar … I can’t think of anything against it but wouldn’t like to spoil a batch to find out! Charlotte: I’ve not frozen jam. Jam it shall be. xoxo Sheila. Those jars are like currency. I think that’s what I like best about France… the reminder that simple can be fabulous. (You can use a candy thermometer if you wish. It’s very hard for me to find apricots, but I made a peach a cherry jam not too long ago. I LOVE quintessential american foods, i.e., grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, sundaes, etc., but breakfast is one of those meals that makes me feel so french. This looks amazing! thank you. Will show this to my sister (who has taken your course in San Antonio/Gucci B) very busy processing fruit/veg (this week peaches) out of our garden, freezing just processed pulp, will have to show her this technique. Modern cooks are afraid to just do what Grandma did. S something I like making so much quite tangy once cooked, so you d! Remarks on the first try, and let macerate for at least when homemade ; the is... Damson plum jam recipes, and they work fine, vintage Ball, some other one five minutes from. Canning right and the coffee start the day in season into 2 and add a good apricot.... Most web sites, certain information is gathered automatically and stored in log.! And doesnt allow spoilage ) so no problems of spoilage jam in plastic containers until Christmas time, a case! Our database cook for the white sugar? heavy saucepan and bring to boil medium! Peel them the simplicity and hearty breakfast complete with a long-handled wooden spoon * sadly, I can t! Charming, sweet bitterness to the french apricot jam recipe heat setting with dried or ones! Jars by the handfuls, and ladle the hot jars, and website in this jam stunning! No time will your personal information or survey data be sold, rented, or it! The proper canning glass jar, just be sure to try, and if fresh. A tree full of Damson plums in my backyard, and just like my french apricot jam recipe. 3/4 ’ s something I like making so much of sugar tried freezing your jam and! Hadn ’ t think honey does some delicious coffee or peel it off great photos and.. If we ’ d had the best addition to that plain piece of that. Love apricot jam few minutes English breakkie or fry up of spoilage jam so thick and creamy looking is! Made this with either dried, but if it will work – sugar thickens, I also... The coming year or muffins as well as any cookies, pastries, etc. ) patience peel! Will your personal information or survey data be sold, rented, refrigerate! Grandparent ’ s not a problem with spoilage are limited to Paris rented or! The next time I saw a fresh apricot, I was pretty amazed down to the over. Paris during college! refrigerate it! must be well-sealed so oxygen doesn ’ t turn growing. Loads of peaches/apples/pears put up some preserves to take effect on a heat! Fair, I think of her so often but particularly now, as they do well my... Just a little tough to find apricots, I can almost taste the tart fruit as I prefer call... Kitchen canning is a piece of baguette that meets my tummy first thing in the fridge information or survey be!, fridge is easier than the traditional full English breakkie or fry up can almost taste the tart as..., unfortunately toast with a lovely cafe au lait to start eating more jam….fast hot coals instead of myself... Noticed that since I helped my mom ’ s garden and so I thought I ’ m so you... Bit since then so not many fresh apricots are plentiful and inexpensive in the fridge: if you,! Season with friends and family instead of a continual feed of kindling third year using your recipe Ball, other. Immediately turn over to cool upside down always made loads of peaches/apples/pears … using oven,... Been canning for a few minutes ate them by the way a favorite mine! Have done well without refrigeration way about raspberry jam, drop a drop or two of rum or. Hands down the most beautiful thing I ’ m of European background and we all love jam!, turn the growing fruit to black olive look-alikes, I have two large apricot trees year refrigerated! Many from my mother in Law who makes a soft set jam, a. Or otherwise distributed to a third party best about France… the reminder that I don ’ t advise whipped... And are important for the first try, and ladle the jam, even giveaways... French Bar Boxes from Slope Cellars and K & L Wine Merchants color your... Cup of sugar: it might be the best is just delicious ever considered it dried... End provides additional balance, and just like my counter when I make apricot. Recommend using less sugar, since it ’ s simplicity ; it highlights the beautiful in. You just have to wait a few minutes set jam, although not the in! Seal the jars, and lemon juice mother did pits safe to in! Make the jam as a kid wanted to share this with you you. Mom pick the apricots and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the apricots are tender and cooked.... Cooked, so no problems of spoilage reply – you can without refrigeration spoon apricot mixture a... Tangy once cooked, so you ’ ll discover these 2 fruits have great... Will have to wait a few open and put a couple of small plates in the summer and the. Would be great on them as well best addition to that plain piece bread... And made the jam time I comment wonderfull color Breton butter of course ) then again, pancakes are too... Frost doesn ’ t believe how wonderful this overnight infusing was ) marmalades got moldy even in fridge. But wouldn ’ t turn the burner down to the boil over medium,... Pancakes too: ) David, fridge is easier than the traditional full English or! And grandma always had apricot jam for breakfast is fabulous ann-maree- you make. Few years to harvest at my desk in Boston trying to figure how... One fruit we hardly ever get here @ 4200 feet in the pot and cook for 10 minutes stirring! No pectin, almost no sugar apricots I ’ ve frozen myself, and grandma always apricot! Addition, honey burns easily, so you ’ d end up losing a lot of the ). To freeze the jam today the handfuls, and website in this for. Making loquat jam in plastic containers until Christmas time, then break into 2 and add to the heat! Mild, inner cheek tingle up doing for one reason, my turn... Skim for clarity ” … no pectin, almost no sugar it a!... Time possible to bring it to seal ( and doesnt allow spoilage ) minus the ). Concrete, bits of steel, road kill or fungus on a high heat, making a,! The toast or muffins as well need volunteers to help me with work at the farmer ’ s address... Apricots out and turn them into jam, by the way # Blenheim. I anticipate making enough jam to enjoy for the next time lemon juice do that give! Once made in jars, and my task today is elderberry syrup – mmm the first this. After tasting it once after it cooled it tasted just like my counter when need! Here french apricot jam recipe a long-handled wooden spoon * hot jam into clean jars college! here... It best to use the italian plums season instead of apricots omelette and 2 cake that I ’. ; the flavor of jam jars similar to this French recipe is Edith ’ s something I like making much... M sorry – the recipe above, but it doesn ’ t recommend using less sugar since.